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Tata Large And Mid Cap Fund


Tata Large And Mid Cap Fund aims at proactively taking advantage of Potential Capital appreciation opportunities arising from large and midcap segment of the market. Positioned as a “stock picker's delight”, it is a large and midcap equity oriented fund which undertakes rigorous research to identify opportunities in equity markets that could be for instance, turnaround companies or stocks being re-rated by the market, companies benefitting from changing economic fundamentals, etc.

It invests in large and midcap stocks wherever the fund manager spots an opportunity. It is hence very actively managed and dynamic in nature, although stock picking is based on a sound bottom-up approach.

Asset Allocation

Under normal circumstances, funds of the Scheme, shall (after providing for all ongoing expenses) be invested / the indicative asset allocation shall be as follows considering the objective of the Scheme:

Instruments Indicative Allocation (% of Total Assets) Risk Profile
Minimum Maximum
Equity & Equity related Instruments of Large Cap companies 35%




Equity & Equity related Instruments of Mid Cap companies 35%




Other Equity & Equity Related Instruments 0%




Other Securities * 0%




Low to Medium

* including securitized debt.

Large cap and Mid Cap companies are those companies which are classified as Large Cap and Mid Cap companies by Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) SEBI or Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI). At present Large Cap companies are classified as 1st - 100th company and Mid Cap Companies as 101st-250th company in terms of full market capitalization. In line with the investment objective and in accordance with guidelines issued by SEBI vide circular No SEBI/IMD/CIR NO. 7/104753/2007 dated September 26, 2007, the scheme(s), may invest upto 25% of the net assets in the foreign/overseas securities and such other securities as may be permitted by SEBI/RBI from time to time.

The Scheme will comply with all the applicable circulars issued by SEBI as regard to derivatives viz. SEBI Circular no. SEBI/MFD/CIR No. 03/158/03 dated June 10, 2003, no. DNPD/Cir-29/2005 dated September 14, 2005, no. SEBI/IMD/CIR No. 9/108562/07 dated November 16,2007, no. Cir/IMD/ DF/ 11/ 2010 dated August 18, 2010 & SEBI/HO/IMD/DF2/CIR/P/2017/109 dated September 27,2017. Investment in derivatives/futures/options may be done for trading, hedging and portfolio balancing.

The scheme net assets will have a maximum derivative net position of 50% of the net assets of the scheme.

Not more than 25% of the net assets of the scheme shall be deployed in securities lending. The Scheme would limit its exposure, with regards to securities lending, for a single intermediary, to the extent of 5%of the total net assets of the scheme at the time of lending. The Scheme does not seek to participate in repo/reverse repo in corporate debt securities. The Scheme does not seek to participate in credit default swaps.

For detailed information kindly refer the Scheme Information Document.

Who should invest / Key Attributes
  • Ideal for Investors:
    • Looking for investment opportunities in equity markets by investing in companies undergoing re-rating or turnaround or benefiting from changing economic scenario.
    • Aim to invest in fundamentally good stocks over the medium to long term horizon.
  • Key Attributes:
    • A large and midcap oriented fund, which invests only in large and midcap stocks wherever the fund manager spots an opportunity.
    • Focus on active management of portfolio picked using bottom up approach to stock picking.
Fund Manager

Chandraprakash Padiyar

Chandraprakash Padiyar joined Tata Asset Management as a senior fund manager (equities), in September 2018.

Prior to his appointment at Tata Asset Management,Chandraprakash previously worked with Alchemy Capital Management Pvt Ltd. as portfolio manager for the onshore long-only strategies.

Chandraprakash has over 18 years of experience in research and fund management. He began his career in equity research and analysis at UTI Mutual Fund and in time was designated fund manager, overseeing the mutual fund schemes.

Chandraprakash is an M.B.A. (Finance) from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management affiliated to the University of Pune and has cleared all 3 levels of CFA Program from The CFA Institute, USA.

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Scheme Information

The investment objective of the Scheme is to provide income distribution and / or medium to long term capital gains while at all times emphasizing the importance of capital appreciation.

Nature of scheme
An open-ended equity scheme investing in both large cap and mid cap stocks.
Date of Allotment
25 February, 1993
Options / Plan
Tata Large and Mid Cap Fund
Regular Plan (Routed through Distributor)
  • - Growth
  • - Dividend
Direct Plan
  • - Growth
  • - Dividend
Entry Load
Not Applicable
Exit Load

of the applicable NAV, if redeemed on or before expiry of 365 days from the date of allotment.

Min. Purchase Amount
5,000/- & in multiple of 1/- thereafter
Min. Additional Purchase Amt.
1,000/- & in multiple of 1/- thereafter
Min. Redemption Amt. / Units*
500 or 50 Units
*There is no minimum amount requirement in case unitholder is opting for an all units switch.
Frequency No. of Installments Min. Installment Amt.
Daily / Weekly / Monthly 12 150/-
Monthly 6 1,000/-
Quarterly 6 1,000/-
4 1,500/-
Systematic Withdrawal Plan





Min. Withdrawal Amt.


*There is no minimum amount requirement in case unitholder is opting for an all units switch.

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