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Tata Equity P/E Fund

Tata Equity P/E Fund

P/E ratio is the commonly used term for the ratio of Market Price of a share to Earnings per Share (EPS). It could be used as an indicator of how much an investor may be willing to pay for a share for every rupee of its earnings. One of the widely used screening parameter for value stocks is the Price to Earnings ratio (P/E ratios)

Tata Equity P/E Fund follows the value-conscious style of investing. The Scheme aims to invest at least 70% of its assets in companies which, at the time of investment, have a rolling twelve month P/E ratio lower as compared with the rolling twelve month P/E ratio of the BSE Sensex. Buying good companies at an attractive P/E ratio is a good discipline, but clearly not the only anchor. The Fund uses several other qualitative and quantitative screens to buy companies. The Fund strives to “buy good stocks at cheap valuations and not “cheap” stocks”

Tata Mutual Fund offers two ’Dividend Trigger Option’ under the existing dividend option of Tata Equity P/E Fund. The trigger options available are Option A (Trigger A) and Option B (Trigger B) for 5% and 10% appreciation respectively.

Under Dividend Trigger A, the Fund will initiate the declaration of dividend when there is an appreciation in NAV from the last ex-dividend NAV during the immediate preceding calendar quarter by 5%.

In case of Dividend Trigger B, the Fund will initiate the declaration of dividend when there is an appreciation in NAV from the last ex-dividend NAV during the immediate preceding calendar quarter by 10%.

Asset Allocation

70% to 100% investment in Equity & Equity related - Companies whose rolling P/E at the time of investment is lower than the rolling P/E of the BSE SENSEX and up to 30% in equity & equity related instruments of other companies
Debt (including money market instruments) - upto 20% of the total assets

Who should invest / Key Attributes
  • Ideal for Investors:
    • Believing in value style of investing
    • Looking for investing in good stocks at cheap valuations and not cheap stocks
  • Key Attributes:
    • Value conscious fund where 70% of net assets are invested in shares whose rolling P/E ratios are less than that of BSE Sensex at the time of investment
    • Flexibility to invest up to 30% of its assets in well researched growth stocks
    • A disciplined way of booking profits by the investor without any tax liability using Dividend trigger facility
Fund Manager

Sonam Udasi

Sonam UdasiSonam Udasi - backed with 19 years of his expertise in Equities Research is presently the Fund Manager for many of the equity schemes at Tata Asset Management, since April 2016.

Sonam joined Tata Asset Management as Head Research in April 2014. He has also served as the Principal Officer for the Portfolio Management Services vertical of Tata Asset Management.

Prior to joining Tata Asset Management, Sonam headed the Research Team at IDBI Capital Market Services Ltd. for 4 years. During this tenure, IDBI Capital Research Team was rated as No. 3 “Top Most Award Winning Team” by Thomson Reuters Starmine Awards for Excellence for Fiscal Year 2013.

He started his career as an Analyst with the Quantum Group headed by Ajit Dayal, building expertise in sectors like Consumer Staples, Retail, Media, Pharma and Utilities.

He later joined JM Financial AMC as Senior Analyst reporting to the CIO. Apart from this, he has also worked with erstwhile ASK Raymond James and BRICS Securities (Head – Consumer Vertical).

Sonam has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration, specializing in Finance.

Amey Sathe: Assistant Fund Manager

With over 12 years of industry experience, Amey Sathe is the Assistant Fund Manager for Tata Banking and Financial Services Fund and Tata Equity P/E Fund since June 2018.

Amey joined Tata Asset Management Ltd in May 2015 as Research Analyst, tracking Banking & Financial Services sectors and reporting to Chief Investment Officer - Equities.

His previous endeavours include services with JM Financial Institutional Securities Ltd. as Assistant Vice President Equity Research from October 2009 to May 2018 and HDFC Securities in Equity research from June 2008 to March 2009, tracking similar sectors.

Amey is a Chartered Financial Analyst and has also done his Masters of Management Studies.

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Scheme Information

To provide reasonable and regular income and/or possible capital appreciation to its Unitholder.

Nature of scheme
An open-ended equity scheme following a value investment strategy
Date of Allotment
29 Jun 2004
Options / Plan
Tata Equity P/E Fund
Regular Plan (Routed through Distributor)
  • - Growth
  • - Dividend - Option A (5% trigger)
  • - Dividend - Option B (10% trigger) **
Direct Plan (w.e.f. 1st Jan 2013)
  • - Growth
  • - Dividend - Option A (5% trigger)
  • - Dividend - Option B (10% trigger) **
Entry Load
Exit Load

1% if redeemed on or before 18 months from the date of allotment.

Min. Purchase Amount
Min. Additional Purchase Amt.
1,000/- & in multiple of 1/- thereafter
Min. Redemption Amt. / Units*
500/- or 50 units
Frequency No. of Installments Min. Installment Amt.
Daily / Weekly / Monthly 12 150/-
Monthly 6 1,000/-
Quarterly 6 1,000/-
4 1,500/-
Systematic Withdrawal Plan





Min. Withdrawal Amt.


*There is no minimum amount requirement in case unitholder is opting for an all units switch.

** Two options for investment under the Dividend option - Dividend Trigger Option A (Trigger A) and Dividend Trigger Option B (Trigger B). The Fund will initiate the declaration of dividend when there is an appreciation in NAV from the last ex-dividend NAV of the option during the immediate preceding calendar quarter by 5% incase of Trigger A & 10% incase of Trigger B, subject to maximum of one dividend per calendar quarter. Declaration of dividend is at the discretion of Trustees. As per the prevailing regulatory guidelines, dividend can be paid only out of distributable surplus. Pursuant to the payment of dividend, the NAV of the scheme would fall to the extent of the payout & statutory levy (if applicable). Due to various reasons beyond the control of the Investment Manager, it may be possible that in spite of appreciation in NAV there is no distributable surplus available on the record date. Under such a scenario, no dividend will be distributed.

% Figures as mentioned (5% & 10%) are with reference to appreciation of NAV and not the quantum of dividend. This is not a guaranteed return scheme. Dividend distribution is subject to availability and adequacy of distributable surplus.

Disclaimer: Trigger facility in any manner whatsoever is not an assurance or guarantee on part of Tata Mutual Fund (TMF) / Tata Asset Management Limited (TAML) to the unit holders in terms of returns or capital appreciation or minimization of loss of capital or otherwise. TMF / TAML shall not be responsible if the trigger is not achieved and / or implemented due to reasons which are beyond the control of TMF / TAML such as technology failure / default etc. Further, this trigger facility shall be subject to terms and conditions as outlined in the application form of the scheme. Trigger facility being an additional facility can be withdrawn at any time at the discretion of Trustees.

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