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Tata Liquid Fund

Debt Fund

People keep money in Savings account for its ease of access and safety. While the money stays safe in the savings account however, more often yields low post tax and inflation adjusted returns.

Liquid funds are one of the ideal avenues to parking short term idle cash with an option to earn potentially tax efficient returns.

These funds are ideally meant for money that you do not want to block in longer term investments such as shares, fixed deposits, government bonds, etc. Consider such funds when you need the money back in a very short time period.

Asset Allocation
Instruments Indicative allocations (% of total assets) Risk Profile
Likely Around Maximum Upto High/Medium/Low
Debt & Debt Related (Listed/ Securitised) 30 100 Low to Medium
Debt & Debt Related (Unlisted/ Securitised) 10 80 Low to Medium
Money Market Securities 60 100 Low to Medium / Sovereign

Investment by the scheme in securitised debt will not normally exceed 50% of the debt investment of the Scheme.

The use of derivative will be only de done for hedging and portfolio balancing. Exposure to derivative instruments will be restricted to 50% of the assets of the scheme.

The scheme shall make investment in /purchase debt and money market securities with maturity of upto 91days only.

Who should invest / Key Attributes
  • Ideal for Investors :
    • Investors with idle cash savings.
    • Investors looking to earn more than Normal Savings account returns.
  • Key Attributes :
    • Efficient utilization of idle cash in bank account.
    • Low risk amongst various short term investment avenues.
Fund Manager

Amit Somani

amit-somaniMr. Somani, B.Com, PGDBM and CFA Charterholder with over 12 years of experience. In the past, he has worked with Fidelity Investments as Research Associate. He has worked with Netscribes Pvt. Ltd as Research analyst. He also worked with SPA Capital and Khandwala Securities as debt market dealer. He joined Tata Asset Management Ltd. as a Credit Analyst in the year June 2010. Since September 2012, he has been working as a Credit analyst & Fund Manager.

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Scheme Information

The investment objective is to create a highly liquid portfolio of good quality debt as well as money market instruments so as to provide reasonable returns and high liquidity to the unitholders.

Nature of scheme
An open ended high liquidity income scheme
Date of Allotment
22 May 2003
Options / Plan
Tata Liquid Fund
Plan A (Erstwhile Super High Investment Plan)
  • - Growth
  • - Daily Dividend
  • - Weekly Dividend
  • - Monthly Dividend
Suspended for Ongoing subscription/switch-in w.e.f. 1st October 2012
Retail Investment Plan
  • - Appreciation
  • - Daily Dividend
  • - Fortnightly Dividend
High Investment Plan
  • - Growth
  • - Daily Dividend
  • - Weekly Dividend
  • - Monthly Dividend
Super High Investment Plan Plus
  • - Growth
  • - Daily Dividend
  • - Weekly Dividend
  • - Monthly Dividend
Entry Load
Exit Load
Options / Plan
Min. Purchase Amount
Min. Additional Purchase Amt.
1,000/- & in multiple of 1/-
Min. Redemption Amt./ Units*
500/- or 50 units
Frequency No. of Installments Min. Installment Amt.
Monthly 12 500/-
6 1000/-
Quarterly 6 1000/-
4 1500/-
Systematic Withdrawal Plan
Monthly / Quarterly
Min. Withdrawal Amt.

*There is no minimum amount requirement in case unitholder is opting for an all units switch.

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