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Just SMS

  • Am I eligible for Just SMS facility?

    If you have a registered folio having the email id and mobile number registered in any of the schemes where CAMS is a registrar you can avail of the Just SMS facility.

    Further, this Facility is currently available only to Resident Individuals (including guardians on behalf of minors). However we may extend this facility to other categories of investors such as sole proprietors, NRIs, non-individuals etc at the discretion of the AMC at a later stage.

    In case the mode of holding of the folio is ‘Joint’ and the Debit Mandate is duly signed by all the joint holder(s), it will be deemed to be an express instruction to the AMC / RTA to keep the mode of holding to ‘Anyone or Survivor’ for availing this Facility only, so that this facilities is available to the first named holder only. In case the unit holder is a “minor”, the legal /natural guardian shall be eligible to avail of this Facility till the minor attains majority. As such legal/natural guardian may make payments from the minor’s respective bank account (or in accordance with the exceptions provided for third party payments) and the same shall be recognized by the AMC as valid payment as per the SEBI MF regulations.

  • What are the formalities I need to complete?

    You need to fill a registration cum Debit Mandate form and complete the registration formality. On successful registration you will receive a confirmatory SMS from Tata Mutual Fund post which you can invest using Just SMS facility.

    You need to provide an original cancelled cheque with your name printed on the face of the cheque of the same bank account registered in the registration form with your name printed on the face of the cheque. In case you are not able to submit the Original cancelled cheque or the cheque does not have your name on the face of the cheque. Then you need to submit:

    a.    Copy of the bank passbook attested by bank / Original bank statement with your name, address and bank account number.
    b.   A letter from the bank on its letter head certifying that you maintains an account with the bank, along with the information like the bank account number, bank branch, account type, the MICR code of the branch and the IFSC code.
    c.   Get the bankers attestation in the face of the form in the section BANKER’S Attestation (For BANK Use only)

     The cheque/ bank account details are subject to third party verification.

  • Which are the schemes for which this facility is available?

    Currently this facility is available only for investing in all open ended schemes except Tata Retirement Savings Fund, Tata Young Citizens’ Fund, Tata Liquid Fund, Tata Money Market Fund and Tata Liquidity Management Fund.

  • Are there any amount restrictions on the amount of investment?

    The minimum purchases / redemption / Switch amount in the respective scheme/(s) option will be applicable for each transaction.

    Currently, you can purchase through Just SMS is restricted below Rs. 2 lakhs however there is no restriction on the redemption amount.

    The Purchase and Redemption transaction requests can be accepted in “Amounts” only and cannot be requested through “units”, however the request for unit based redemption / switches can be given for “All units” and not of part thereafter. These amounts are subject to modification by AMC.

  • What are the Keywords and how to type the SMS?

    To Invest: Send an SMS INV space <amount> space <scheme code> space <folio number> to 56767177 i.e. For example, for purchasing units worth Rs. 10,000 in Tata Balanced Fund – Regular Plan – Growth option in folio number 12345678, SMS INV 10000 TBFG 12345678.

    To Switch: Send an SMS SWITCH space <amount> space <scheme code> space <to scheme code> space <folio number> to 56767177 i.e. for Switching Rs. 1,000 from Tata Ultra Short Term Fund –Regular Plan – Daily Divided option to Tata Balanced Fund – Regular Plan – Growth option in Folio no. 12345678, SMS SWITCH 1000 TFD1 TBFG 12345678 to 56767177

    To Redeem: Send an SMS RED space <amount> space <scheme code> space < folio number> to 56767177 i.e. for example, for redeeming Rs. 1,000 in Tata Balanced Fund – Regular Plan – Growth option in folio number 12345678, SMS RED 1000 TBFG 12345678.

    In case of “All” units switch / redemption request instead of “Amount” mention “ALL”
    e.g. for Switching ALL units of Tata Ultra Short Term Fund– Regular Plan – Daily Divided option to Tata Balanced Fund – Regular Plan – Growth option in Folio no. 12345678, SMS SWITCH ALL TFD1 TBFG 12345678 to 56767177

    The complete list of the Scheme Code can be downloaded here.

  • Can I have an account with any bank to invest using Just SMS facility?

    Yes. The Purchase Facility is currently available to the investors with the bank account with following bank branches:

    a.    All bank branches participating in Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Electronic Clearing System (ECS)/Regional Electronic Clearing System (RECS) facility.
    b.   Core Banking branches of the following Banks: Allahabad Bank, Axis Bank, Bank Of Baroda, Citibank, Corporation Bank, HDFC Bank,  Federal Bank, ICICI Bank,  IDBI Bank, Karnataka Bank, Punjab National Bank, State Bank of India, Union Bank of India, United Bank of India.

    Please note that the list of the banks and branches may be modified/updated/changed/removed from time to time in future at the sole discretion of the AMC without assigning any reason or prior notice. You may kindly refer the AMC web site www.tatamutualfund.com for the latest list of locations/banks.

  • Are there any charges to avail of the Just SMS facility?

    No. Tata Mutual Fund does not levy charge to use this facility, however some banks and branches may levy charges for mandate registration and / or transactions to their bank account holders, which will be borne by the account holder only and will not be borne /reimbursed by the AMC or the fund.

    Further, all transactions under this Facility will be processed as per the ARN code of the distributor mentioned on the registration cum mandate form, investors may be charged with transaction charges if the distributor has opted for the same. Investors are advised to check with their distributors regarding the same.

  • When will I see the debit for the purchase transaction reflected in my bank account?

    The bank account of the investor may be debited towards purchases either on the same day of transaction or generally within one to seven days business days depending on ECS cycle. In case of non-receipt of the funds (for any reason), the transaction shall stand cancelled and units allotted, if any, would be reversed.

  • How will I know that my transaction done using Just SMS facility is received and processed?

    On receipt of your SMS, an SMS acknowledgement for receipt of your SMS will be sent from our side.

    Further, when the transaction is registered successfully a confirmatory SMS with the transaction reference number is sent from our side, you can quote this transaction reference number for further queries.

    On successful processing of your transaction you will receive a transaction processing confirmation SMS from our side.

    In case of receipt of multiple confirmations against a single transaction request, the same needs to be brought to the immediate attention by calling up the call centre on toll free no. 1800 209 0101.

    In case of non-receipt of confirmation from RTA within a reasonable time, you are advised to immediately call up the call centre on toll free no. 1800 209 0101 to confirm the status of the transaction request.

  • Can I link 2 mobile numbers for one folio?

    Only one mobile number can be registered with one folio for the purpose of Just SMS Facility.

  • What will be the NAV applicability for the transactions using Just SMS facility?

    The applicable NAV for the transaction will be dependent upon the time of receipt of the SMS into Computer Age Management Service Pvt. Ltd, Registrar & Transfer Agent of the Fund, (‘RTA’) server, electronically time-stamped and other factors like scheme, type of transaction, amount, date of realization of funds under SEBI regulations and will be treated on par with similar transactions received through other modes.

    If SMS is received on the RTA server and is time stamped before 3 p.m on any business day - Applicable NAV shall be the closing NAV of the date of receipt of the SMS.

    If SMS is received on the RTA server and is time stamped after 3 p.m on any business day – Applicable NAV shall be the closing NAV of the next business day.

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