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Tata Asset Management has adopted “WE CARE” as its mantra in its march towards its goal. CARE stands for Collaboration, Accountability, Respect and Excellence.

  • Collaboration


    “Collaboration” is the genesis of team work. There is nothing more powerful than a cohesive and a motivated team.

  • Accountability


    “Accountability” is vital for the success of any team. Unless we are accountable to each other and to our other stakeholders we cannot achieve the target we’ve set for ourselves.

  • Respect


    “Respect” towards each other is the lubricant which will ensure the smooth functioning of the various components that make up a team. It brings stability to the team and ensures that the team is always well poised to grab new opportunities.

  • Excellence


    And finally “Excellence” is the output that is bound to be delivered if we Collaborate, stand Accountable and have Respect for one another. In the competitive world in which we live, there is no place for mediocrity and no substitute for “Excellence”.

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